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There’s more to demolition than just tearing down a structure and clearing the debris.  At Waco Excavation Company, we’ll review the site to be demolished for any potential problem areas, such as existing utility infrastructure or live electrical wires.  We’ll take care of every detail to make sure your demolition goes as smoothly as possible.

In many cases, our clients want to preserve materials from demolition for other purposes.  Waco Excavation Company is fully capable of separating reusable bricks, wood, and more as well as hauling off trash and debris for disposal.  Our demolition services are available for any site, whether it’s residential or commercial.

As the best demolition services in Waco, Texas, we are equipped to deal with every possible situation, from being able to break concrete to partnering with hazardous material professionals to handle asbestos.  Focused on safety and efficient demolition work, we will have your site quickly ready for the next stage of development.

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