Before you begin constructing a new building or parking lot, it’s important to start with proper site preparations. Proper site preparation is essential for a firm foundation. If you don’t have the necessary equipment or experience to handle site preparation work, you’ll want to hire someone who does.

At Waco Excavation Company, we have years of experience providing site preparation services for various construction projects in Waco, Texas, and the surrounding areas. You can count on us to ensure your land is in the best condition before you begin construction on a new foundation.

You will need a full site preparation that addresses leveling, grading, soil compaction, and much more.  At Waco Excavation Company, we’re a full-featured site preparation company that knows how to turn existing land into a blank canvas for your project, whether it’s new home construction or multi-building installation property.

Site prep often goes deeper than landowners realize, both literally and figuratively.  In addition to the obvious concerns, Waco Excavation Company will also analyze the existing water, future drainage needs, and erosion control to make sure your site is perfectly prepared to be developed according to your plans.

Getting the right permits for the various site preparation services you need can be a hassle, but Waco Excavation Company is here to help.  We’ll assist will permit applications to make sure your job starts and finishes on time in a completely legal manner.

Start your development project on the right foot with complete site preparation services.